Women’s Day

I am a strong women because a strong women raised me!I refuse the illusion of my freedom.

The magical creatures that God created! We are given the intuition and Feminity purposefully!

We shall love our existence (women’s),Embrace our feminine

Be Ambitious, be courageous, be phenomenal,be fruitful!

Happy women’s day….

#Rekhotso Kurhula WeedyP_Women’s day


Love is a Myth

He gave me a smile,I gave it back ,He gave me bitterness ,I gave him happiness….

I gave him a shining star,he gave me a dark moon,He gave me hope and I lost myself unto him.

All the good deeds were taken for granted, I’ve been always patient,I always apologize,I had no right to be angry…

Oppression and Brutality is the experience I have as I  always tolerated it.

Rekhotso K


  • It’s easy to say it but hard to comply with it’s meaning “Kurhula” which mean “Peace” in English,,,,the presence of harmony but absence of fight,war & anger. I’m grateful and proud of the name I was given/named by a women whom I call my mom the one who experienced some powerful pains for me to be alive,who sacrifices a lot for me to have the perfect life_what a name!

Kurhula in different languages 

Paix,Pace,Peace,Paz,Khotso,Khutso,Vrede,Pokoj,Hoa Binh,Mulalo,Ukuthula,Sholem,Gunnammwey,Salam,Schukma He ping,M’tendere,Ch’chokoya,Mir,Shanti,P’s,NyiEe,Here,Salh,Bake’_that’s my name “WeedyPaix


Is the Month of Love and a chance to get romantic over Breakfasts,Lunch or Dinner .Share a love letter and maybe take a secret crush or small time flirtation into the relationship realm.

Romance doesn’t equate to expensive things ,but rather the smaller and personal gestures, Its simply knowing someones favourate flowers and music to what essentially gives them butterflies.

A great deep conversation over a good meal is also romantic also picnic does it.Having a glorious weekend is also romantic .A concerted effort to engage with or dedicate time to doing something they might not necessarily enjoy but do it for the enjoyment of their.

Yeah True Love Is All About Sacrifice!

What does Love Really Mean to you?

Stop Dreaming and start Doing

  • You got to act instead of fantasising, Dreams and wishes are useless without Acts ,Success comes from pursuing opportunities.
  • Having a dream and being a dreamer are two different mindsets .Be a Doer not a Dreamer,just do it.Do the messy work  of taking your dream to the world
  • Always know that without actions there’s no changes,every accomplishment starts with the decision of giving it a try.Try and fail but never fail to try,challenge yourself,it’s too good to experience failure.
  • There’s no philosopher that can describe your Destination but for you to shape it you gotta ask yourself these few questions: Do I know myself?Do I know my abilities? Do I know my Strength & Weakness? What are my  interests
  • #SWOT vs AIDA can describe you
  1.  S-strength
  2. W-weakness
  3. O-opportunities
  4. T-threats
  • AIDA
  1. A-attention
  2. I-interests
  3. D-desire
  4. A-action
  • #StayTrue2Yourself

Teenage Life

  • The most tempting stage of all the living,to some if not careful, it’s like hell itself.It take away the everlasting joy to those who are not careful.
  • Teenage life is what you make its whole life depends on it,teenage life is the middle stage of your life,confusion takes full control,temptation starts roaming about,parents begin to seek for hiding place because they really know that their words alone can’t control it
  • Happiness lies in the hands or your choices, clear life lies in the hands of the BlackBook,you better make the right choices @this age,if not ,your entire life might be a mess